Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An Appetite for Growth

We never get tired of finding new ways to work on ourselves. Either we continue to expand our consciousness and find ways to align our lives with our desires, or we sink into misery from which there is no recovery.

Throughout history, we have had to make constant adjustments to our environment. When our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, they kept moving to where the hunting, fishing and wild food plants were plentiful.

When they settled into villages, the ones who learned better ways to farm or make things were the ones who survived and prospered. Those were very outward and obvious skills.

During our lifetimes, there have been revolutionary changes in industry and business. Just look at one cycle. We went from the invention of the personal computer to the boom of that industry, and now, what company even makes computers in the US any more? Yes, we still design software for them and service them. My point is that we have watched the whole industry be born, rise and be transformed within one lifetime. By comparison, it took several generations for most farmers to go from having their plows and wagons pulled by animals to using tractors. it took a couple of generations to go from the Wright Brothers momentary flight at Kitty Hawk to regularly scheduled, widely available commercial air travel.

The world is evolving rapidly now, and we are evolving with it.

As we rise to meet the challenges of our lifetime, we are called on to learn new job skills and make new career moves, not just until their mature adult years as our parents did, but all the way until we die.

As we rise to meet the challenge of changing relationships and creating relationships that are more satisfactory to ourselves, we adjust and stretch to adapt to our new realities.

We cannot retreat back to our old realities. We have no choice but to evolve. The world will keep changing whether we choose to or not. And if we choose not to change, the piece of the world we can relate to, the piece of the world we will be comfortable in, will continue to become smaller and smaller. Even keeping our life small requires us to grow and be more flexible.

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Unknown said...

My career, and main source of income for 43 years, ended abruptly in January, when it became clear that it was no longer appropriate for me.
It is now September, and I am still living in the question of "what's next?", "and how do I restore my sense of self-worth and purpose?"
"Pan Dancing in Magical Awakenings" evokes exactly what I need to jumpstart my Spiritual engines, both as a seeker, and as a practitioner. (I've "dabbled" in Tarot, and am now ready for formal training.