Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adventures in Tarot, Erotic and Otherwise

What a weekend! At the convention center this weekend, the Great American Beer Festival was in the hall right next to the Sex Show, and unfortunately, beer outsold sex by a huge margin. I cannot understand why. Don't know what that says about our culture or Colorado or whatever. GABF had 48,000 people attending, but the Sex Show was only a tiny fraction of that.

My booth space was in the same aisle as the tantra teachers, sex therapists and coaches. They are a great bunch of people, and I'm glad I got to meet them. I look forward to future opportunities to network with them.

The erotic tarot readings were a hit. Even though that put a very different twist on readings, it danced on the boundaries of excitement and fun, but also provided revelations to the ones seeking a reading. Amazing how well it worked. I will continue to do them, but mostly for private readings or in selected venues.

Closing out the show was another adventure. A young man came to me for a reading right before closing time, which was midnight. The deal at the convention center is whatever you cannot carry out before then you have to come back for after 10 am the next day. But I could not do that because I had to be at the Mega Aura Palooza in Cherry Creek at 8 am, and I needed my stuff to do that show. When I set up, I carried it all in myself, but it took three trips from the parking lot to the exhibit hall.

Everyone else was busy packing their own stuff. The young man who had the last reading was still hanging around chatting while I was packing. So I offered to refund the fee for his reading if he would help me carry my stuff to my car. He liked the deal and he was a good sport about helping. So then after I dropped him off by his car, then got home, it was about 3 am.

Got about three hours sleep then got up and did the Mega Aura Palooza at Cherry Creek. Had a great time, and the people from Minneapolis were a pleasure to work with. The adrenaline or whatever it is that pops me into the altered state kicked in as soon as I started doing readings again.

Next month I will be reading with them at their next event in Minneapolis. Life is an adventure. Minute by minute, day by day. Life is like a box of.................................what was that thing again?

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