Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look Ahead, Then Rest Before What's Next

After wrapping up another outdoor festival today, I am looking forward to the next two festival gigs being indoor events. Once again the weather was a factor, as the cold, lightning and rain caused the festival to shut down on the middle, and longest day, which everyone who bought a booth also regarded as their potentially most profitable day. The break on Saturday gave us a little time to rest. After half a day of being in a tent with not enough warm clothes in the damp and cold, an afternoon of chicken soup and kicking back with a movie felt fine. Fortunately, Sunday picked up and turned out to be a good day.

By the time Sunday evening came, it was a good time to simply clean up and put things away, take a soothing shower and settle in with a good book.

In the morning, I will go back to the day job, but before I do, I give myself a little time to check my emails to confirm appointments for the coming week, going over some bills I need to pay, plan for the talk I am going to give at next week's fair, and then just relax a bit. Tomorrow, I will send emails to people I met today. I have an overview for the week and see how all the things I do will contribute to my larger goal of doing this work of reading and healing full time, and being able to quit my day job when the reading and healing business is built up to a more consistent level than it is now.

So this evening there is simply a pause in the rush of activity. There is movement beneath the surface. I will be going over my presentation for next Saturday all week in my mind. I will be connecting with as many people as possible before then.

But tonight, just for a while, just for a breather, there is soothing piano music playing, I am enjoying a taste of whiskey, and reading a good book. Soon I will go to sleep. A little pause is good. We all need it. There is much to be done tomorrow. Rest is what feels good right now.

Each week, do you take a look at your week ahead? Do you give yourself a little time to mull over the important things that need to be done, and then let go of them and simply be quiet for a while?

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