Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fields of Energy

Fields of energy surround us. Fields of energy are us. That is why tuning into our feelings is what sharpens our intuition. When we are facing decisions and choices, we have a feeling that guides us toward one direction or another.

When we are feeling that good because life is going well, or feeling down because it is not, we are affecting, and affected by the energy fields we live in.

When we look ahead at some event and can visualize how that will play out, we get a feeling that lets us know.

Obvious? Perhaps. That is why it is good to remember to trust our feelings because mind can get in the way. How many times have we felt like changing careers or relationships, but stopped ourselves because we didn't think we could do it?

Thinking and feels often seem to be at cross purposes. Did you ever have a decision, and felt what the best choice was, then agonized over the decision and went round in circles in your own mind, getting more confused, before finally coming to the same conclusion as your feelings?

Have you experienced energy healing? Why does it work? Not because you analyze and think and discuss, but because you sense these feelings of love, compassion, healing and they bring your body's energy fields back into harmony.

Our feelings can be the truest guide for what we need to do.

Feelings are most connected to our energies, so when we need wholeness, inspiration and encouragement, feelings will fuel our engines.

Notice what happens when your feelings infuse your field of energy with happiness. Doors open for you. Creative ideas come to you. Opportunities present themselves. When negative feelings infuse your field of energy, things shut down, opportunities are closed to you. Pay attention to doing what feels good, and see how different the world looks. See how it can lead to happiness and health. See how it leads to greater abundance. Feelings open fields of energy for us.

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