Sunday, October 18, 2009

Laughter and the Unexpected

Have you ever noticed how comedy and jokes always work by giving us the unexpected? What a great clue for dealing with the unexpected in life.

The laughter is always the loudest when we are caught off guard and presented with a situation or a comment that either just doesn't fit, or does fit, but in a bizarre way.

How many times in life do we get bent out of shape because something is not going the way we expected? How many times are we unable to control those events?

Seeing the humor or irony in a situation allows us to relax and enjoy life. It relieves the pressure and the tension.

Yes, of course there are situations that demand immediate and serious action. And if that is what is appropriate, then do that. But how many situations do we get frazzled about when we should enjoy a good laugh, even if it is at our own expense, and then take another look at the situation?

Laughter releases powerful and positive healing energies that can even help heal us. And laughter can certainly lighten up a dark mood so that we can get a fresh start.

Comedy is a great way to cope with some of the unexpected twists life delivers. It is a good clue for us to pick up on that a smile, and better yet, a laugh, is one of the best tools we humans have for coping with change.

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