Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bodies of Water

Swimming is a return to our natural state in a most primal way. We are suspened in water for nine months prior to birth. Some women, seeking a natural way to help ease their children into the world, give birth in water.

When we are stressed, swimming is a great way to relax, stretching out our bodies again and introducing fluid movement to undo the constrictive nature of sitting at a desk. After an hour of swimming, we have returned to a primal state of relaxation, where we are a body of water suspended in a body of water. We are relaxed.

Why do you think that so many people take their vacations and holidays by the beach? Whether it is ocean, lake, or river, these are destinations of choice. Water calls to us by nature, and we return again and again, seeking solace and healing.

Water reconditions our state of fluidity. We reconnect with our natural state of motion. It is also the way we express emotion. When we feel strongly, water flows to facilitate our feelings and we see visible signs of expression in laughter, tears, sweat, excitement, fear, orgasm, nervousness, sorrow and joy. It is all there, written in our water.

We are bodies of water, on a planet of mostly water. Our bones are the land where the water meets an organizing influence of solidity. Where the water meets the shore is the place we find our transition. We transition from work to play. Our skeleton is the rallying point around which our water ebbs and flows. It can form a stabilizing influence, a frame for the water to swirl around.

Our spirits thrive on moving water. They respond to the cycles of the moon, our moods massaged into varying states of being. Spirit moves through us, signaling us with instinctive flows in our bodies, producing feelings that guide us into action.

When we flow with another person, our waters dance and mingle, joining us in a way that makes our boundaries feel soft, our separation disappear. When we are close and moving together, the rhythm of our ebb and flow is a tide of its own set in motion, coming to rest only when the water has covered the low ground, and high tide has created a new shoreline. And it reaches a peaceful state and settles there for a while before receding to low ground and the old shoreline, but inevitably it seeks to join in that motion of swelling and rising again, the hunger for high tide being part of its nature. Water seeks to move, like we seek to move to find those high and low places along our shorelines, to rise and fall, to swim with together, water with water.

We are bodies of water, moving in water, water within water, taste upon taste, lapping at our shorelines, moving in a rhythm of life that will never stop, can never stop. Even in death, many ancient people pictured our spirits returning to swim across great bodies of water to whatever is next. Or they pictured our spirits rejoining the great ocean of spirits and swimming together before reemerging as another body, another life. Dreams, ideas, inspirations come to us in water for this reason. We reconnect with our nature. We free the boundaries and let intuition come.

We are bodies of water, swimming in water, swimming in spirits, swimming in bodies, swimming in emotions, swimming with each other, swimming alone. We are always swimming, experiencing high and low tides, exploring the fluid space in our dreams, our consciousness, our feelings, our touches, our movements, reminding us that being fluid is our natural state. Bodies with bodies, bodies suspended, belief suspended, emotions engaged, we are bodies of water within bodies of water, with bodies of water, on a planet of water.

It is our essence, our presence, our natural state. Bodies of water, with bodies of water, on bodies of water, in bodies of water, flowing, flowing, flowing.

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