Friday, October 2, 2009

The Spirit of the Hunter's Moon

Tomorrow will be the last outdoor festival I will work this year, and I am glad. It is getting kind of chilly now. We have put up and taken down tents in rain, wind and cold. We have done this in warm sunny weather and stormy weather. Definitely time to go inside and do the work.

Definitely time to celebrate the shift to indoor venues, and yes, there are now more times when I can see people for private sessions on weekends.

So I celebrate and toast the change of seasons, having a little red wine and kicking back indoors when I get home and savor the quiet times to come in the darker months with warmth, candles and cozy, reflective time. This seasonal shift comes on the full moon.

Yes, how appropriate. I am hunting for more and better opportunities to expand my tarot reading business into full time. Day by day, I get closer to realizing this goal, and it all started with that impulse purchase 40 years ago when I bought my first deck just out of curiosity. With no book and no teacher, I just learned how to work with them, and here I am today.

So much of what I have learned has come from being curious. Once the question arises in me about how something works, or what is the story behind a person, event or thing, I am busy learning more about it. And so I find myself finding a new career development and being ecstatic about it.

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