Monday, October 19, 2009

Is Your Life a Fairy Tale?

We get a number of chances in our lifetime to rewrite our story. If have never done so, you can rewrite it today, reimagining and recreating the next chapter.

If you have been seeing yourself as someone who had a difficult life, had some bad breaks, never had the kind of job you wanted or a relationship that was just like you dreamed of, pick up a pen or pencil or start typing on your keyboard, and write the story the way you want it to go. Then begin living it.

How many fairy tales do we recall from our childhood? How many of those stories were tales of transformation? Why is it that it is easier to believe a fairy tale than it is to believe our own life?

In fairy tales, a person can be beaten down to the lowest levels, but then rise up again. Look at mythology and again we find tales of transformation.

These stories were created by our collective ancestors to show us what is possible even in the face of great obstacles, horrible enemies and extremely difficult conditions.

When we are summoning our own stories, we frequently call up from our own history the parts of our lives which have been difficult, but we do not continue on through to the part where the hero triumphs. Why not? Are we not as worthy as those characters?

Let us get to the next chapter where we emerge from the mess and the trouble to a better life where things work out for us. If you can imagine your life with a different ending, you can begin living it.

Hans Christian Anderson wrote "Every man's life is a fairy tale."

Just as there is magic in stories, there is magic in us. Bring out your magic and rewrite your story. The sooner you write it, the sooner you can begin living it.

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