Thursday, October 22, 2009

Riding the Flow

One of the things it is important to remember in order to bring your dreams into reality is to focus on the result, not the process. Leave plenty of room for intuitions to guide you toward your goals. If you have an opportunity presented to you, go for it.

We can get in the way of our own goals. If we make a plan and stick to it to rigidly, we can miss a beautiful opportunity, perhaps a golden opportunity.

I was noticing, for example, that most people prefer tarot readings to other services I have to offer. So instead of continuing to promote them equally, I have shifted my marketing materials to emphasize tarot, and mention that those who are interested can find out more about my other services on my website. Notice where the energy is flowing and ride it.

Another change you will see is that I will be selling little bottles of the perfume oil mixture that I make for myself. Many people have asked me what I wear and asked if they could get some. I have been resisting because I didn't want to get into the business of making huge batches and trying to get stores to carry it. So I will only make small batches and sell it when I am doing readings.

It is the fluidity of navigating the path toward the goal that makes it fun and interesting. It is also about discovering the right time to make a move or make a change. Just tuning in and going with the current. Some readers sell books or jewelry to augment their reading income. Last evening, as I was making another batch for myself, the thought just occured to me that the time is right to add one little product to my table, and it is a product people have been requesting. If I am wrong and it doesn't sell, I will just use it myself. No problem at all.

Hmmm. I was just remembering how much I love hot tea in the winter time. Maybe I will blend some herbal teas to sell in small bags. That would be another product I would use myself if it does not sell. Or my comfrey salve. I am enjoying playing with these ideas.

Just like when I worked the Sex Show, I had different signage and different decks and offered Erotic Tarot Readings. Keep riding the energy.

I have written books. the first two were self published poetry books and I loved everything about creating them from the writing to the public readings and performance art. What I did not enjoy so much was having to physically make the rounds of all the stores and manage all those consignments. Later, I wrote two more books, which no publisher decided to pick up. So I just put them away. Maybe those books will not gain wider circulation. Maybe I will write something else in addition to this blog. Maybe I will sell that at my table or make it available on my website so that people can download it. Some of those technical processes I do not know yet.

What I am getting more in touch with all the time is that the path toward the goal is something that is more a product of intuition than it is a straight line. There is almost always more than one way to achieve any goal. The universe will remind us of that every time we forget.

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