Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ghost Busting

This weekend, I had an opportunity to work at a psychic fair in Minneapolis and that evening, go on a ghost busting excursion with Echo Bodine and Dave Schrader. For those of you who don't know them, Echo is a nationally known psychic, medium, author and teacher who has done a lot of ghost busting, in addition to readings and healings. Dave is the host of Darkness Paranormal Radio Show, and was associated with the ghost busting crew known as TAPS.

If you have ever seen some of those ghostbusting shows on TV such as Paranormal states, that looks kind of like what we were doing. Dave and his associates brought electronic recording equipment to try and connect with the ghosts by capturing their voices on recorders or drawing their energy into close contact with us by broadcasting certain frequencies that ghosts are attracted to.

Echo has the ability to see ghosts, but I feel the presence, rather than see it. The rooms that were most haunted had a very cold temperature and a funky smell. I put up my psychic defenses so that I could protect my energy from being syphoned off by a ghost, and also to protect myself. As soon as I did that, the cold no longer affected me.

The recording equipment was only partially successful in capturing anything, but Echo was able to relay what the ghost was saying and she and Dave put questions to it, to try and get it to move on. Eventually Echo and I went back into the room and my role was simply supporting her as she finally was able to get that ghost to move on to the next realm. As soon as it left, the room got lighter and warmer. I could feel the shift of energy.

There were other ghosts in the basement, and the voice recording equipment was also spotty in picking up the ghosts there. However, one of Dave's associates got a few incredible photos of a light body in one room that definitely was haunted. Dave took a number of other shots trying to duplicate the effect in case it was a reflection off a window or something that caused an anomaly. He was unable to duplicate it, and the photos appear to be genuine evidence of a ghost or ghosts. Echo felt there were three there. She also felt that it was significant that the light was white because she says that in her experience the malignant spirits have dark light and the more benign have a white light.

So by the time that we disposed of the nasty spirit upstairs it was about 2 am and we were both exhausted, having also worked an excellent and very busy psychic fair for eight hours earlier in the day.

It was a great day, and enjoyed working with everyone. I slept like a baby rock all through the flight back. When I got home, a couple of clients wanted a reading, and I was happy to be of service once again. Life is amazing. Ghosts like it here so much that they don't want to leave, but there comes a time when they need to move on to whatever is next.

My take on it? Enjoy life as much as you can while you are here, then when it is time to move on, move on. It really doesn't feel good for us or them when we are in the wrong place. In a way, the terminology might need to be changed, because we are not busting ghosts as much as we help them to find their new comfort zone, and we clear our present zone. We all have to clear things from our past in order to enjoy our present and move into the future.

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