Monday, August 2, 2010

Starring in Your Own Movie

Look at the Star card in the tarot deck. She is doing what she needs to do so that her every day life works. Maybe she is getting water from the well for bathing, cooking, drinking or cleaning. Whatever the case, today this is what needs to be done.

Yet she never loses sight of her hopes, dreams, goals. She looks up in the sky, and seeing all those brilliant lights, she knows what a limitless universe this is.

As she gazes at these stars and bathes herself in the soft night lights, a song escapes from her lips. It is only loud enough for her to hear at first, then it grows louder as she walks back home, carrying the water.

She dreams of her starring role in her next venture. It could be the part she is auditioning for in a play or a band. It could be the success she envisions with her new business. It could be the next book she will write. It could be the relationship she has always craved. It is her time to shine as she writes her own script.

The stars are spotlights shining down on her. She is the star in her own movie.

Never give up on your hopes and dreams, no matter how much you feel that at times, it will be difficult to make them come true. Every day, do what you need to do and take a step toward them. Your exact vision of what your movie will look like might change from time to time. That is fine. Editors make cuts in their movies to make them better. Editors make cuts in books to make them better. Sometimes you rewrite or reshoot a lot in order to make it fit your new vision.

Feel the moonlight on your skin. Feel the starlight on your skin. Now let the starlight come out through your eyes. Love yourself and express your dreams. Act as if you are the star in your own movie. You are. Your life is your movie.

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