Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Expressions of Karma

Karma is one of those concepts that people often picture as a balancing that is done from lifetime to lifetime, but sometimes there is a balancing that needs to be done within a single lifetime.

Just as our body will sometimes present us with a healing crisis so that we will have to take a day or two off and rest, it is the enforced rest that gives us time to think, and humbles us with the knowledge there are times when simply resting will heal us, rather than medicines.

Necessary rest and balancing can be presented to us in other ways as well. For example when we lose a job and are forced to do something else. A friend told me that she got her own business into high gear after her corporate job was sent to India.

Within our lifetimes we may also see a pattern in how things go up and down for us. Perhaps we realize that the place we have been in the business world has not really been right for us. Perhaps in one phase of our career we supervised people and managed facilities, and then in a later phase discovered great happiness in doing some small simple job with no management responsibilities. If our grander vision was driven simply by ego, it could be quite satisfying to find something to do that give satisfaction in the doing of the task itself.

Relationships, work, leisure time activities, avocations. Karma finds expression in all of them. When we embrace all of our experiences with gratitude, insights open to us, and opportunities.

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