Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flash Cards for Adults

When you are trying to visualize your future, your goals, your dreams, tarot cards can be useful props to help you remember and see where you want to go.

With so many fabulous designs to choose from these days, you can find cards with contemporary imagery just as easily as cards with medieval or renaissance imagery, whether you prefer oracle decks or regular tarot. Just to clarify, a standard tarot deck has 78 cards, 22 major arcana (major life lessons, and 56 minor arcana (scenes from everyday life), which are divided into 4 suits, with numbers from 1-10 and court cards (kings, queens, etc). Oracle cards are any kind of deck that can be used for similar purposes but may not have suits, numbers, court cards, major and minor arcana and they may be comprised of 36, 40, 52 or some other number of cards. Whatever your choice, they can all be used the same way.

What is important to do is be able to picture yourself being successful in your desire, or your quest, whatever that is. So by selecting a card that has a message that fits with your purpose, (usually cards have an image and a keyword), you have a handy visual aid to reinforce your positive thinking and strengthen your resolve with a handy reminder that you can prop up on your desk, or by your bed or in the kitchen or wherever you think it would be most effective. When we were in grammar school, we had flash cards to help us remember things. So these cards could be flash cards for adults.

If there is not just one card that would present exactly the right message for you, combine a few to create a combined sequence like a phrase or message.

There are lots of uses for tarot cards besides fortune telling. Here is another.

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