Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time to Breathe

One thing that I have found that works is to allow time for each thing we want to do. There have been many days when I have gotten up on the weekend and I do not have to go to work, but my list of things to do has grown so that I find myself rushing about, allowing myself a very tight window for one appointment or errand, and then if that takes a little longer, I must rush to get to the next appointment or the next store before it closes or whatever. Scheduling myself this tightly takes some of the pleasure out of each thing I need to do, since I am always needing to check the time. And then, at the end of the day, it does not always feel like the day off was all that enjoyable.

So now what I do differently is to schedule fewer appointments with more space between them, and if there is not enough time, then I let some things go for another day, and enjoy each one more.

So many times during our normal workday we have to rush from appointment to appointment from task to task.

Relax and enjoy your days. Leave a little breathing room so that you can enjoy the pleasure of doing each thing, savoring the experience. That way you don't have to drive faster to get where you are going, you don't have to feel like you threw yourself off schedule because you were enjoying looking around the bookstore or the produce section of the grocery store, or just kicking back with a beverage in your easy chair. Set things up so that if one appointment runs a little long it does not make you late for the next one.

We have to give ourselves a little time to rest so that we can return to our important work with renewed vigor.

When you give yourself time to breathe, everything that comes after that feels even better.

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