Thursday, March 11, 2010

Artistic Challenges

People who love tarot and have a number of decks frequently use more than one, although most people have a favorite that gets used a lot. Some people have a few different decks and use them regularly. I know one person who draws cards from an angel deck and a tarot deck as part of her daily exercise. I keep one in my desk, one on my table, one in the car and use whatever I feel drawn to use from time to time.

There are people who have only one deck, use it for years and become so intimately familiar with it that they know all the nuances of those cards. And some never thought of using another deck until one day they discovered another that really appealed to them, and then they switched over to using that one mainly.

There are times when changing decks can really shift the energy of readings. A new burst of energy arrives with the images created by the artist, especially if the artist has made conceptual changes. Many decks are very similar in design, with the basic images and ideas staying the same, simply expressed with a nuance of style.

Some decks however, radically depart from traditional designs, and in so doing, stimulate fresh ideas in the users. Startling new images inspire fresh bursts of inspiration and insight. A new take on an image that we have seen many times can suddenly illuminate that familiar concept from a whole new angle.

In a radically different design, the mind may be suddenly taken in unexpected directions, and new channels of intuitive ability opened wide.

A person who is a gifted reader is not limited or bound by simply what is on the cards. They use the cards as a gateway to open to spirit and the messages that connection brings through. That is precisely why sometimes the reading can be driven by what is on the cards and sometimes what comes through may or may not be represented in those pictures.

So the adventure I have planned for this weekend is to display a number of decks on the table and let the people who want readings with me choose the deck that strikes their fancy for their reading. At the same time, I will be challenged to be in an even greater state of heightened awareness, presented surprises that come with the variety of art that will surface, and the intuitive doors they open.

It will be a novel experience, a distinctly different offering for most people. I am looking forward to sharing the joy of discovery with everyone.

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