Monday, March 29, 2010

Imagine Your Future

Taking advantage of this natural cycle of expansion, it is important to be able to imagine our own future.

If we are having difficulty doing that, an adjustment in our plans, or a change of direction may be indicated.

Yes, of course, there may be developments down the road that we are not aware of at this time, but we still can imagine what we would like our life to be like and how things would work.

Our imagination lays out the path that our conscious actions can follow. If we cannot envision ourselves becoming more successful in our chosen field of endeavor, then it may be time to choose a different field.

If we can see ourselves moving toward success, but not seeing how it will be done, then try imagining it from different perspectives and see which way allows a clearer vision of our path.

Our imagination is the blueprint for what we want to build. If we cannot form a picture of it in our mind, how can we possibly go about building it?

When our ancient ancestors painted those pictures of the hunt on the walls of their caves, they were picturing themselves having a successful hunt before going on the hunt. They communicated their desires to spirit and then acted as if their spirits and their bodies were on the same path to a successful hunt.

Way back then, they saw the importance of positive thinking and imagination foreshadowing successful accomplishments. We continue in the same vein as our ancestors. Let us do our hunting magic tonight. What is it you want? What will you do to get it?

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