Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Second Full Moon for Expansion

This is the last full moon of winter, which certainly fits the weather we are having in Colorado, although in some parts of the country, like the Southeast, gardeners would have their seeds in the ground by now. Spring Equinox and the moon nearest it would be the time to have done your playing in the dirt and getting this year's garden started.

Folk names for this moon include Chaste Moon, which refers to the purity of the new garden at the beginning, its new start, and it can also refer to the power of a simple design. Worm Moon due to the warming of the earth, which brings the worms back up closer to the surface, which brings back the robins. Another is the Sap Moon, a time for tapping maple trees.

All suggest the richness we harvest from the earth, the gifts of nature which are abundant and well appreciated. When we work with her, much is available to us.

Even if you are not a gardener or a farmer, what seeds do you want to plant and nurture into growth in your life? Perhaps the seeds you are planting are to sprout a new career, a new job, a new relationship, a new activity or hobby that you have decided to spend time developing.

View this moon as symbolizing your opportunity to expand your life in one or more of these ways. Let us focus on what kinds of ways we can grow this year.

Spend a little time with the moon energy this evening. Reflect on the beauty of the night sky and how she inspires us. Moon energy is soft, lending itself to the nurturing aspect of our selves. When we harmonize our energies with the cycles of nature, we can become more effective. Ask any successful gardener how well gardening according to moon cycles works.

Gaze at the moon and notice how she fills our view and lights our world when she is full. As you bathe in this light, picture your own expansion and rising to your full glory in the enterprise of your choosing. Doesn't it make the hairs stand on the back of your neck and your eyes shine a little brighter?

Dig in and do the work during the time the moon slides into her waning cycle and then goes dark again and by the time she is full and radiant again, notice the advances you have made on your goals. Be encouraged by this cycle of life to take action, and expect the best results.

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