Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Future in the Future

Do you remember long ago when you wondered what the future would be like? And now you are here. That future you were looking at is now. Is it like that?

I remember when I was in grammar school and they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had no idea, so I thought about things I had seen on TV and said "I want to be like that." But my life did not look like anything I saw on TV. So I found a better way of looking ahead.

Now it is now, and I am looking ahead, for the future in my future. I look at what I might like, and what my life has been like so far. But that does not necessarily tell.

I have to relax and let things flow, let the visions come. They will be more true that what I might force.

Fractals. What small part that we see will mirror the big picture? What little detail will give way to the vision of what will come? What little moment that we capture, what bit of energy that we pick up on will reveal itself to be the big picture of the way our life plays out?

Now that we are in a future that does not look like we planned, we turn to the vision seekers to paint us the picture of what the future will look like in the future. And if we are in the future that looked like what we saw back then, what new future are we looking for now?

These cards hold fractals, bits of images that open up into panoramic scenes of wildness, color and vivid cross sections of life that awes us even to consider it. Yet it is true. Our future becomes our present, and then another future becomes the future. Your interlude with the reader is always at the threshold, the fractal coming to life, the bringer of dreams that begin to respond to touch. Take a deep breath, look through the window of the cards on the table. Life starts to stir the future in the future, and each fractal becomes a vision of a whole scene.

our old future is now. Your new future is coming.

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