Monday, February 4, 2013

Down to Earth

Here is a perspective for your consideration.

Perhaps we are on Earth for a vacation from the body-less realms. This is the only way we get an experience of this place, and the experience of living in a body. We learn to manage and do things in the dense physical reality that distinguishes us from the world of spirit, where everything is ethereal, light and airy.

What if this is our paradise? What if the most delightful place that we will ever know is right here? Maybe some of those ideas we got about paradise being up there somewhere up there are all wrong. What if our whole understanding of this process of life, death and rebirth are all wrong? What if our understanding is all upside down?

Picture this. When you are out there somewhere, no more substantial than a breeze blowing across the plains, when your sense of yourself is intangible an undefinable at best, you are finally rewarded with an opportunity to be given a body and come here to experience what it is like to eat, drink, sleep, dream, have sex, work, play, dance and sing.

So when we die we go back to this in between zone where it is just misty and cloudy and we float around without any substance. Then we get reincarnated in these bodies to experience life again, savoring the experience and learning from our past mistakes.

Maybe the goal is not to go up there, but come back here.

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