Sunday, February 3, 2013

Interpreting Your Dreams Through email

Dream Interpretation is one of the services I have been providing to people for a long time.

Many people keep dream journals or periodically make notes of dreams that seem significant to them.

Sometimes, however, people have difficulty trying to figure out what a dream may mean to them even though they can remember it vividly.

Dreams often follow patterns, which you will discover if you keep a journal and you see similar characters or situations appearing repeatedly.

One of the values of dream interpretation is that they can reveal underlying motivations that may explain why things are happening to us or why we find ourselves in certain situations.

Dreams often are also precognitive, which means that things that appear to us first in that state later happen in real life.


A new service I am offering is this. You can email your dream or dreams to me, and I will interpret them for you and email this back you. The price for this service is the same as a half hour reading, $50.

So far, the number of dreams that seems to work is either one long one or three shorter ones. I look forward to interpreting your dreams. I will also include follow up questions by email, if you feel that further clarification or comment is needed.

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