Monday, February 11, 2013

There Are No Bad Dreams

When someone says "I had a bad dream last night" what they really mean is that something about the dream really bothered them. But perhaps what they initially describe as bad is really a warning that, if heeded might avoid a problem or a difficult situation.

For example, if you dream that you are in a difficult situation or have been injured in some way, ask yourself where in your life might something be posing a problem for you. Look at the areas in your life, where you feel that your power is being taken away or your energy is being drained.

If you dream of a person who is being mean to you in a dream, where in real life are you dealing with such a person? Once you can answer this question then you can take action in your real life to resolve the situation.

If you dream of running from something, ask yourself what you are trying to get away from? What are you overwhelmed by? What are the things in your life that need to be resolved or cleaned up?

So if a dream brings to your attention a situation that needs to be resolved because it has been making you feel uneasy, this is not bad, it is simply a warning and if you heed the warning and take action, you will get a good result.

So there are no bad dreams. A more accurate way to say it is that there are dreams that make you feel uncomfortable, and that is not bad. Every situation and relationship in life is not comfortable, but if we are aware of what is happening, we can reorganize ourselves or realign ourselves so that we are in comfortable situations or relationships more times than not.

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