Friday, February 22, 2013

The Power of Curiosity

Some of us are just naturally curious. When we are reading something and come across a word that is unfamiliar to us, we look it up. When we hear about an interesting concept, we want to know more.

Curiosity is what inspires us to try something on the menu that we have not tried before when we go out to eat, and do things we have not done before. You don't have to be near death to have a bucket list.

Years ago when I was working for a corporation that moved me around the country for different work assignments, I would have to meet new people and try new things because I didn't know anyone in the places where they moved me. As a result, when I found myself in another new city, I looked in the alternative weekly and saw an ad for a psychic fair. I had no idea what those were like and I had nothing else to do, so I went and got readings for the first time in my life. And new worlds opened to me.

One thing led to another and I found myself interviewing people and writing articles for a metaphysical newspaper. I went to workshops and tried everything from dowsing to chanting to walking on fire. I learned about past lives and how to do reiki healing. I was in sweat lodges and went on herb walks. I learned to do rituals and helped raise standing stones. I found myself learning to drum and leading drumming circles. Then one day I was reading in psychic fairs.

Every bit of it began with simple curiosity. When I encountered something interesting, I wanted to know how it worked or if it would work for me. As a result my life changed dramatically from the way it used to be. Attitudes changed, goals changed, tastes changed, friends changed.

Have you experienced the power of curiosity in your life?

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