Friday, February 22, 2013

The Power of Free Will

When people come to me for readings, I always remind them of the importance of their use of free will in how their lives go.

I can see how the energy patterns are playing out in a person's life and what opportunities these may bring.

The two most popular areas of questions for most readers are the questions about love, relationships and business or career. This makes perfect sense, since these are the two biggest decisions we make in our lives. Who we choose to love and what we choose to do for a living are the big questions.

Readers can present possible outcomes from a neutral point of view, then the client makes their choice from among the possible outcomes.

All this stuff that some people see as "woo-woo" really is logical when you look at it. The reader might be the only objective input a person is getting and that makes it valuable as a second opinion. People who are your friends, relatives and co-workers all have opinions about you and vested interests in what you do. The reader, however, can just look at situations and present information they pick up.

This explains why a fresh perspective will either open your eyes to new possibilities or confirm choices you have already made. Many times when I mention something in a reading, such as looking for a new place to live, the person will confirm that they have either just moved recently or they are considering it. Another example is that when I ask a person if they are interested in a certain form of expression, they mention that they have been thinking about doing more of that for a while now. Or perhaps I see them setting about learning something new and they mention that they recently began studying something they have been wanting to learn more about.

These are just a few examples of things I pick up in readings and I often get to see joy on a person's face when they either recognize a new possibility or have their own feelings validated. This is one reason why this work is so satisfying.

It is also why skeptics sometimes discover something important when they experience a reading for the first time. And it is also why the thing that was once considered "far out" is more and more considered a sensible thing to do.

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