Thursday, February 28, 2013

Planets Out of Orbit

There are a number of times in our lives when we may end up changing our patterns so much that we feel like a planet out of orbit. The disorientation causes us to see everything in a new light. How can this happen?

One of the biggest shifts can be when we have ended a relationship with someone who was significant to us. We might have even thought that this person was our soulmate, but then the relationship is over and we find ourselves scrambling to reorient our orbit. Perhaps there are things that we used to do that we no longer want to do, and other people whose friendship was more attached to the other person, so that goes away as well. After we have digested the lesson from that experience, we begin to get our bearings again when we recognize that there is another person who might be another soulmate, offering us a new experience that may help us elevate our sense of purpose, our aliveness and our sense of communication to a higher level.

Establishing a new orbit will take varying amounts of time for each of us, depending on any number of factors. Perhaps we knew that the relationship had been fading for a long time and we were expecting the final separation for some time. We examine what we have learned and then apply those lessons to our next relationship. There is more than one soulmate on this planet for every one of us. When we act on this knowledge, and expect the best for ourselves, there is always hope.

How much does our orbit change when we change careers. Where we go every day changes, the people we associate with changes. Subjects that were of interest to us change. What we do every day may change radically. The speed and depth of change in many businesses has caused many of us to completely redirect our business interests and endeavors.

Establishing a new orbit in this aspect will be related to the speed with which we reassess our priorities, our desires, our skills, abilities and our vision. Once we do that we are able to reset our orbit and reorient our world.

In the process of resetting our orbit, we will be drawn to tune into spirit more closely. Where answers used to be prompt because our orbit was on automatic pilot, the less we admit we know, the more we open up to spiritual guidance. Weird thoughts, ideas from out in left field, outside the box strategies, all become new windows for us to look through.

We use different tools and techniques to find ways to tune into spirit, and spirit helps us repair, and sometimes reinstall our guidance system. It is scary to look ahead right after a sudden shift, but then once we have a new direction, we need to keep in touch with spirit to keep ourselves on course. Self confidence takes root in our inner planes and we exude confidence that we will succeed in our journey. Once we have done what we need to do to consult with spirit and reset our course, the new orbit will become our new comfort zone. Each time we reset, we become more fluid in the process.

We are like planets that orbit in inner space as well as outer space.

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