Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Appreciation from a Listener

As I drive around in my car, I often listen to the radio. I was pleasantly surprised one morning to find that KGNU (Boulder) was broadcasting recordings of talks given by Alan Watts, a British teacher of Eastern philosophies who worked in America back in the 50s & 60s. He has been gone many years now, but I have heard some of his tapes before, and so his voice was immediately recognizable to me. It was a real pleasure to hear this man talk about metaphysics, because he always had a sense of humor as well as seriousness about him.

I mostly like to listen to classical music, jazz or NPR news, but occasionally, a treat like Alan Watts offers a real respite from "the news." this station also broadcasts an excellent interview program called New Dimensions which host Michael Toms has been doing for many years. This is a nationally syndicated show. Congratulations to whoever is responsible for this.

A really quirky show that is a constant surprise to listen to is This American Life which is broadcast on KCFR, the NPR news station, as it is on stations all over the country. Episodes I have heard are entertaining and always have some ironic twists in there. Storytelling that is definitely outside the square. The people who put this show together really let their creative juices flow.

When you are driving to and from work or just driving to wherever, it is delightful to hear such original choices along the way. Check these out if you have a chance.

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