Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Supply & Demand

Upheavals in our economy are reflecting the law of supply & demand. There have been certain purchases that people feeling that they can live without, and others that they need or want. Some of the things they want they are deciding now that they will only pay so much for.

Practitioners of healing and metaphysical arts may be in a good position now, because what they have to offer may be even more needed when people are going through difficult times. Whether it is body work or some sort of advice, or perhaps learning a new skill, whether for their own stress relief or personal satisfaction, these services may bring great solace in times of trouble.

Quality is timeless. If you feel you have gained value from your purchase, you feel good about it. If not, you have buyer's remorse. Many people are coming to a new appreciation of simple commodities like soybeans, corn and grain. Many people are gaining a new appreciation for a fuel efficient vehicle. Many are deciding to delay or cancel purchases of high end toys. There is a new found appreciation of entertaining at home.

What does all this mean? Perhaps the simplest lesson is this. Difficult times cause us to make purchases which give us greater value. In other words, we want more bang for our buck. Our demands are being shaped by supplies. Shortages rapidly drive up prices. Supplies of things we have decided we do not need are no bargain at all.

The services of holistic healers, teachers, coaches and counselors present clients with good value. These are things that will help you feel better today and last a lifetime.

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