Friday, July 18, 2008

Too Much Multi-tasking Driving Too Many Drugs?

I have long been of the opinion that too many unnecessary drugs are prescribed, and that perhaps the thing that could replace them is simply a change in the way we relate to people.

For example, how many children and adults have been put on drugs because they are diagnosed as ADD or ADHD? In the case of the children, perhaps unrealistic expectations are put on them. The normal behavior of children includes curiosity, moving around and exploring everything around them. Normal children do not just sit still and listen all the time.

Some of the adults getting these medicines might just be too busy multi-tasking. Maybe they lose their ability to focus because they have a difficult time answering their cell phone, land line, emails, faxes, and snail mail while also working with people in person. Perhaps trying to coordinate everything from work to errands to children to housekeeping to pets just leaves a person too little time to simply sit and relax and focus on anything for very long.

The millions of prescriptions for men and now the ones being developed for women to be able to enjoy sexual relations in their mature years may be all about changing our minds about what we expect of our selves. Some of us actually believe that as we age, we lose our sexual ability. Perhaps simply spending time cultivating our erotic pleasures with our partners would solve the problems without drugs.

Wouldn't we even need fewer drugs for hypertension if we were just able to relax and let go of trying to do too much? Wouldn't simply spending a little quiet time every day, eating sensibly, going for walks and drinking more water reduce the need for drugs?

I will certainly agree that we do need drugs for health and healing. But perhaps we would not take as many drugs if we just relaxed, tried to do less multi-tasking and enjoyed focusing on fewer things at a time.

A good place to start is with the people in our lives.

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