Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Appears to Be Magic

Isaac Asimov, the great science fiction writer, once said "Any technology sufficiently beyond the present, will appear to be magic."

Obvious examples of this would be for a person in some remote area of the world seeing a computer or a helicopter for the first time.

But there are less obvious examples. What about these people called the horse whisperers, or the bird whisperers? They are using skills that other humans have accessed over the centuries, rather than inventing a new device.

What about the buzzwords more people are talking about now, about how we can create our own reality, about how we can make things happen, how energy combined with thought is powerful and is a power that we can all tap into.

What about the seemingly impossible things some of us have done such as firewalks?

As we navigate around the perimeter of the possible, perhaps it would be useful to remember what Asimov said. Sometimes we know exactly how a thing works, and sometimes we don't. Interestingly, one of the things we don't completely understand is our own power.

If you are interested and you exercise your invisible muscles as well as your visible ones, magic can happen for you too.

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