Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is Romance Necessary?

I think it is. Romance is part of where we find the energies to animate our ideas and power us forward toward our visions.

Consider this. How much research has been done on ancient civilizations because someone gets intrigued with the ideas of what life was like in that time period? How much research has been done on past lives, life after death, or hospice work because people care about people they love?

How many people volunteer to work for charitable causes because they have a romantic notion of how the world can be a better place? How many people change careers in order to do something they really love?

Aren't these all examples of actions people take because of romantic ideas?

Ever notice how people are in a good mood, have more energy, more of a sense of humor, more cooperative and are more creative when romantic ideas inspire them?

When people are possessed of a romantic mood, it permeates their whole environment and all of their relationships.

If you look beneath the surface of a person who is full of ideas and enthusiasm, you will always find a romantic at heart. Looking at all the different aspects of life motivated by romance, you would have to agree that it is an essential ingredient for life.

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Anonymous said...

beautifully said...and I agree!