Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Human Touch

One of the reasons that alternative healing is so popular is that we spend so much time at our jobs working with computers and telephones that we appreciate the pleasure of personal service. Finding a healer who will focus on our needs and offer their service to us is a welcome counterbalance to simply visiting websites or sending emails. Or finding a teacher who will take the time to share their knowledge with us personally rather than trying to learn from a book, a webinar, teleseminar or a huge group. The human touch is powerful and communicates volumes.

There is healing and wisdom that we gain from simply being in the presence of another concerned, committed individual. Certainly we have all felt the difference when we have gone to a professional for service and we feel like we have been just rushed out so that they can bring the next customer in.

And on the other hand, we know the the feeling of healing starting to work even before the official session begins when we can tell that the healer actually cares about us and is focused on really putting their energy into their service to us.

Training and experience are important, and they are contributing factors to the effectiveness of a healer. In the end, though, it is the human touch that propels, channels or directs the healing processes and stimulates the flow of intent focused on healing, whether the modality is very physical, mildly physical, or not very physical at all. The empathy, compassion and concern of the healer who works with us is part of the effectiveness.

People's attitudes play a part in all of our interactions. When someone is acting out of love, rather than out of fear, we can tell, and it makes us feel good. It also adds energy to the technique they employ to help do the healing work. Focus, intent, compassion, experience. The healing touch.

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