Friday, July 18, 2008

Real Magic for Couples

The focus that is required in order for couples to reach orgasm is something that exceeds any ordinary state of consciousness.

One way, the most traditional way of viewing this powerful state, is that of expressing love between people by drawing their bodies, minds and spirits together. This is true, and it is just one aspect of what is happening and can be happening.

Just imagine if the two of you really put your heads together and focused your energy on something you deeply desire to achieve together and then put the power of the ecstasy behind that. When the couple totally focuses on giving each other pleasure, at the same time channeling this energy to support mutually agreed upon goals, the entire energy of their focus bonds the couple together and propels them toward their goals, with a resolution, desire and energy that far exceeds ordinary levels of conversation and agreement.

True union requires surrender to the moment in order to give yourself totally to the ecstasy, with nothing held back. This, in turn brings your partner to a state of joy and pleasure that is unsurpassed. When the two of you do this for each other, a state of oneness is achieved that is as intense as we ever experience.

Have you ever thought of using this experience to consciously go somewhere else with it? Have you ever thought of using this primal power as an energy to create your future?

If, in this state of transcendant consciousness, this altered state, we affirm our visions for what we really want most, and expand that ecstasy to include the feeling of having the life we want together, then we are utilizing a powerful tool for bringing it into being.

Sexual energy does not just create babies. It can be used to create other realities that we want to bring into our lives. If it is important to draw our new realities into being through enjoying the feeling of having our lives the way we want, we should use one of the most powerful feeling states that we have the ability to access.

Our pleasure can be used to bring our visions into reality.

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Unknown said...

You have a way of looking at love making in a whole new vision. Sounds like when you both make love there's a crossing of spirits where they entangle and become one into the other.