Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sometimes in life, we set out to do one thing and then end up doing another. When the day comes that we feel we are in the right place at the right time, at that moment it may feel as if this is where we were always headed.

There are times when we may navigate with omens. Perhaps it was a sign in nature, like a fox crossing your path, or a turn of the card, or a photo on a website or in a magazine that catches our attention and launches our journey. Perhaps it was a message from an old friend. Whatever the exact nature of the prompting, it works.

One day we find ourselves here and everything works out and we are here longer than we thought, and in contrast there were times when we thought that living in a place would be perfect, once we lived in it for a while, we decided that we needed to move on.

Curiosity led me to study different subjects like Tarot, Reiki, Past Lives, Drumming, Writing and other things. Over a period of years then, my path led me to be here, meeting you, doing healings, readings, classes or music with you. I think that my experience as a healer is enriched by the fact that my navigation was more elliptical.

How many times have we met a person that it seemed we were destined to meet? We remember those, don't we? They really stand out in our memories. Opportunties to navigate varying courses present us with incredible opportunities in life. How many of us are here who moved here, rather than being born and raised here? That kind of experience can sometimes feel like we have lived more than one lifetime in this lifetime.

So many stories, so many experiences, so many people, so many events. As long as we allow ourselves the freedom to navigate on a course dictated by desires, spiritual quests or friends, rather than a straight line from A to B, then our journey can be really sweet.

Navigating in an elliptical pattern is how we get a big taste of life. Here we are, from far points of origin, converging at this time, in this place. We never planned it this way, but we arrived at a good place all the same.

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