Saturday, July 12, 2008

Different Worlds

When we look at different phases of our lives, sometimes it seems that we may have lived in different worlds and different lifetimes all in one lifetime.

If you have ever had a job that really consumed you and dominated much of your waking thoughts, you will be able to relate to this. There were things that were the center of your attention and ruled your actions, you subscribed to certain professional journals and read the news with an eye on what that might mean for your business, or your job. Then one day that part of your life is over.

Or perhaps there was a sport that dominated your attention, and you did it every chance you got. You planned your vacations around it and spent money on things that related to that interest. Then one day that was over.

Maybe there was a hobby you had that once took up much of your free time, and you socialized with other people who had that hobby, and then you changed hobbies.

You might also have changed religions and found that your entire world view had shifted, and so did your friends and acquaintances.

Marriage and divorce is another world that can change where you are located in the universe.

Probably a great many of the friends and acquaintances you had from that time are no longer in touch with you. As you set off down your new career, marriage, job, hobby, religion, activity, or sport, suddenly whole new worlds open up. You learn to see the world through new eyes again. It is like you have just discovered living on another planet.

How many lives have you had in this lifetime?

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