Monday, August 31, 2009

Prepare To Be Surprised

As we begin a new week, we look ahead with our plans, our vision, our desires, our dreams. All of us who are actively involved in our lives have events we are planning, people we want to get together with, things we want to do. Those who are bored with their own lives and have no vision for their own future, no desire to create new outcomes or opportunities will not sense this. Whether we are concerned with good or bad news, often we find that worrying about a development ahead of time simply increases stress. A good way around that is to prepare for surprises. What if we simply approached our week with the idea that we have plans, and we simply are moving forward with them, but the actual outcome of our plans may be a surprise.

Simply prepare your self to accept whatever surprises life brings us this week. Just trust that whatever way it works out is for the best.

Yes, we do plan ahead, but we cannot always control outcomes. Once again, it all comes back to staying in the moment. Make this moment the best you can make it, and the next and the next, and eventually you get to whatever comes later. If you take each moment as it comes, that leaves the event you are anticipating as simply the next moment. By delighting in whatever pleasure the present moment brings, we disarm the anxiety of anticipation and allow ourselves the joy of life that comes with surprises.

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