Thursday, April 22, 2010

Imagination's Importance

What would our life be without our imagination? A lot less, that's for sure. Think about the simple function that novels, and by extension, movies, play in our lives. It is our imagination that lets us travel to places where we have not been physically. It helps us experience what it must have been like to live in different times, as different people.

Imagination plays a vital role in providing stress relief. When we come home from work, and we set aside our personal business for a while, we enter into a more peaceful state of consciousness as we read a book or watch a movie, and imagine for a little while what it might be like to be someone else, be somewhere else and do something else. It is our waking dream state.

It is more than just entertainment. Think what our life would be like without our imagination? Probably at a much lower subsistence level, for one.

Many people tout the importance of positive thinking and creative visualization. These are simply other terms for using your imagination.

Our imagination can pave the pathway for the physical acts to follow. Cavemen imagined the hunt before they went on the hunt. Inventors imagined the bow and arrow, the wheel, the observatory, the vase and the sailboat before they invented them. Inventors still work this way, whether they are working on new aircraft, new computers or new phones.

Our imagination is also our gateway to psychic ability. The ability to see beyond the ordinary physical reality is how we open our second sight.

Our imagination has aided and enhanced our survival instincts and it has also contributed to our enjoyment of life and the development of everything from music and art to literature and games.

Exercise your imagination frequently to keep it fluid. It is a key to success in every aspect of life.

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