Friday, April 16, 2010

Take Heart, Take Part!

Courage is on display when a person proceeds with their desires even in the face of doubt or fear. When doubt or fear cause a person to summon their strength, that is when see courage. If we have an opportunity to engage in a venture in which there is a guaranteed return, no courage is required. If we enter into a contest with a person in a subject or skill in which we are certain that we are superior, no courage is required. Doing the sure thing is sometimes the wise choice, but courage is another matter.

It is at those moments when we have doubts about whether we can do something, but we press ahead anyway, that we are acting with courage. If we are afraid that we might fail and we take a deep breath and step forward to meet that challenge, that is courage. Courage stimulates those hormones that can boost strength and propel us through those barriers we were doubtful about.

Courage is all about heart. It can involve physical strength, but the real momentum comes from the heart. When we are doing what we love or pursuing an ardent desire, we are following the lead of the heart, and when we do that we discover hidden reserves of strength. Enthusiasm can manifest positive results in the physical realm.

Take heart and take the lead. Courage means that it is not always easy, but it is always worth it. Discover joy and strength when you live life to the fullest. Courage is not about who has the biggest muscles, it is about who has the biggest heart, and is willing to act like it.

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