Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Willing Green Energy into the Grid

Common sense would suggest that instead of saying that it green energy has some problems that need to be worked out like bringing down the cost of components and figuring out more efficient ways to store the energy, or making some additions or modifications to the energy grid, that we go ahead with it and find solutions to those problems.

We do know that it is cleaner and healthier for us to get energy from the wind and sun than continuing to burn coal and oil.

If something is worth doing, we put our energy into achieving our goal. Certainly creating and constructing cleaner ways to provide electricity for everyone is a worthy goal. Add to that the additional benefit of utilizing our own natural resources rather than having to import oil, or at least import a lot less of it, would be a very large benefit.

We didn't let the fact that it was expensive prevent us from developing a space program or a more hi-tech military.

We didn't let the fact that it was expensive prevent us from building an interstate highway system or making electricity available to everyone in the country. We ran telephone cables to every town in the country. We ran cable so that most places in the country can get internet and cable TV, and those who don't have access to cable have access through satellite hook ups.

Now that cell phones are the new technology, we found ways to provide reliable cell phone service everywhere. Did the fact that it was complicated or expensive prevent companies from inventing better portable music players? Better cell phones? Or microwave ovens for cooking?

Even within the oil technology, when one method of drilling oil was not productive, they invented other methods of drilling. We just need to exert the will to go ahead with it and do it. Our creative abilities will help us find solutions just like they have in other fields.

If we could apply our ingenuity and our will to create solutions to these other large tasks, why not apply them now to creating a better system of providing energy?

Do we have the will to create a green energy grid? Where there is a will, there is a way.

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