Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Healing Rain

I love the healing qualities of rain. I love the sound of it. I imagine that as it cools and cleanses everything, worries and concerns can drain away with it, soothing our spirits and giving us a drink of what we need.

There is a feeling that I get with rain. It is quiet. The constant sound of it drones pleasantly, encouraging those who don't need to be outside go in and relax.

As a backdrop for reading, reflective thoughts, note making, a little smoke and time to just be relaxed and unhurried, the hard rain is a blessing.

Of course, the rain prompts the onset of spring and the fullest greening of the trees and shrubs. One more reason to love it.

There is a taste in the air when it rains, a scent, an enlivening of the sense of touch, a quieting of voices.

Tomorrow there is other business to attend to, but for now there is rain. Just rain.

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