Sunday, April 11, 2010

Intuition for Information Overload

Our attention creates pathways for action. That is why energy follows. Our attention is the first way that we steer our consciousness and subsequently, our physical presence.

We magnetize ourselves for information, and then once we have gathered enough to give us momentum, we reach a tipping point where we either have to proceed in the direction of our thoughts, or else consciously exert the energy to change directions.

Take a simple example. Let's say you are interested in energy healing. All of a sudden you are finding all kinds of information about energy healing, meeting people who do energy healing or have experienced energy healing.

People who follow politics can find all kinds of information to support their point of view, whatever it is. Once they start magnetizing themselves and searching, the information flows to them.

Since I am very interested in the subject of tarot, there is no shortage of information that I have discovered about it, opening up many different areas of inquiry.

No doubt you have discovered the same to be true in whatever areas of life are of great interest to you. Notice too, how once you shift your attention, that the information coming to you changes just as thoroughly.

There are also times when it is impossible to know something for a certainty based solely on facts. For example, in some quests, there is no absolute right or wrong or definitive answer available, so we are forced to rely on intuition.

Why is this important? Because this is one simple way to acknowledge and experience all the many possibilities we have in life. If we are focused on changing our job or career, the wealth of information we can draw to us can help us make a choice that is best for us.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with too much information, and that is where our use of intuition becomes an important way of helping us navigate.

Take a simple example. If you have used Google to try and find some information and the result came back that there are 10,000 web pages that might have information you want, most people would not try to take the time to check them all out. So you follow your intuition and check out several that seem most relevant.

If you are considering a major life change, let's say involving your work, you may find yourself with a number of interesting choices or possibilities. Let's say you determine that you cannot pursue more than one or two of those. So how do you choose? You follow your intuition to sort out the best choices. The prompting may seem mysterious, but your spirit guides are the ones helping you.

Sometimes it is intuition that opens up a realization and moves us along in one direction or another, and spirit then may make certain information available to us that helps us choose.

Tarot can be an excellent way to open that road to discovery. There are other methods that can also be used.

Next time you feel information overload weighing down on you and clouding your decisions, summon your intuition, and an outside opinion from a neutral perspective, like that of a professional reader can help you see your options more clearly so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

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