Thursday, April 15, 2010

Optimistic Magic

In order to practice magic, a person must be an optimist. Once a person's hopes and dreams are awakened, that person must be able to visualize their life becoming populated by positive developments. A crucial ingredient must be added to the optimism, and that is will, or the actions a person takes to make their dreams real.

A person who is cynical or negative in their outlook can not be a successful magician, because in order to desire a change in their life, they must believe that such things are not only possible, but that they have the power to influence or create such changes.

Someone might say that a person who is constantly cynical or pessimistic in their outlook is also drawing more of those influences, energies and results into their life, and this is true.

However, my focus is on creating a better life. Those who are interested in a worse, more negative or more depressing life will not get any help from me. These ideas are being presented for the benefit of those people who want to move forward in their life and may have had doubts about their own abilities to make things happen.

Have you ever noticed that when you focus on looking for opportunities, you find opportunities? Have you noticed that when you are happy you attract other happy people? Have you noticed that when you focus on doing something well that you get better at it?

Practice, it is all about practice. The person who wants to become a good musician practices every day. The person who wants to be an artist is always making art. The person who writes every day gets better at writing. The person who plays a sport every day gets better at that sport. The same is true for all our endeavors.

Magic is about focusing on a goal and going for it, with full consciousness and confidence that we can do it. We may not know exactly how we will achieve our success, but if we proceed in that direction with our eyes and ears open for opportunities, then we are always moving toward making our dreams real.

We have to be optimistic enough to believe that our life will get better, then we have to really desire it, and finally take action on it.

Optimism is an important ingredient because it always involves positive thinking and creativity. A person can do magic much more effectively when they are optimistic. Does it bring a smile to your face when you think of what you really want? See?

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