Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let Me Hear Thunder!

Glad to see that it is cool and dark this evening. It has been sprinkling a little bit, but I would love it if we got a good hard rainstorm with thunder and lightning.

That is what I miss most since I moved out here. We don't get nearly enough rainstorms for my taste, so I savor every one of them.

I love the feeling of the moisture in the air. I used to love watching the rain fall on my garden, the drops bouncing off the leaves of the plants.

The spirit and the mood that the rain would bring would make it feel like a wonderful time to be inside with the fireplace going and the raindrops resonating off the chimney.

Making love during a rainstorm added an extra energy to the act and the electricity in the air was muted and pungent, lightning and thunderclaps punctuating the rhythms of two natural cycles intersecting.

It was refreshing the way it would wash the car and the sidewalks, and bring a refreshing scent to the air. And the way it would make a sound that would displace all other sounds, beating out a rhythm on the surfaces of everything it touched.

I loved the feeling of being outside and letting the rain soak me and then come in with the feeling of being cleansed by the rain.

There are rituals for storms and dances for those who wish to feel the rain on their skin and bathe in the energy with nothing between us and the sky.

Let me hear thunder and feel rain in the air. I love a good rainstorm!

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