Monday, April 12, 2010

Hunting Magic

Primitive people discovered something that we still use. When they were making their cave paintings, they were visualizing themselves having a successful hunt, by performing the ritual of drawing pictures and getting themselves into the feeling of being successful before they went. We call this self hypnosis.

They knew that their mind could prepare the way for their physical success. Who knows if they discovered this by feeling, by visualization, by dreaming or some other method, but they did, and we have known it ever since. Sometimes we just forget to use it.

When we are undergoing a career change, we are extending an aspect of hunting magic. Whatever it is we have been doing successfully has been on automatic pilot. Just as we can ride a bicycle or swim robotically, without thinking through every movement, we learn to do things mechanically at first, through applied conscious effort. Then we go into automatic.

The same thing happens with what we do at work. Whether it is some aspect of using a computer, giving speeches, fixing cars, cooking meals, whatever our tasks are, a great portion of them we learn to do automatically.

So it is when we have to stretch beyond those boundaries and learn new things, to use abilities that we do not always use in picturing ourselves doing a new job in a new place, with new people. Our instinct for hunting magic is needed for this.

This is one of the reasons why people often disbelieve in their own or other people's powers at the higher end of the spectrum. We often live our lives on automatic, and when we go beyond that, we find that we can do things we don't usually do. Hunting magic is one of the powers we have had since caveman days, but we don't always use it, so we often amaze ourselves with the results when we do.

It feels extraordinary when we reach beyond what we usually do. Just remember, those powers out there are not supernatural. They are always there, always within our reach. It is just that we have become accustomed to not using them.

Today, how will you use your hunting magic?

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