Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nature Takes Five

Notice how many things were brought to a halt by the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. More in Europe than here, although we had some ripple effects. Yes, some people are going to great lengths taking cabs from Norway to Britain or from Germany to Spain and whatever. What would I do? I would kick back and stay another week wherever I was, have a glass of wine and watch the spectacular sunsets.

A few years ago when we had bigger than average snowstorms and the city had not plowed all the streets, I just took a few days off. Other people got frantic and were out there shoveling like mad, but I just welcomed the break. Why strain your back and risk dangerous driving conditions?

The one thing I wish we had more of in Colorado is rainstorms. Heavy rainstorms with dark skies, thunder and lightning. Days when it rains, I leave the windows open, leave the stereo off and just enjoy the sound of the raindrops.

Last year, a friend and I took a little break and went out to the hot springs for a weekend. I did not bring my computer and did not turn on my cell phone during that weekend. I just took a couple of books to read. We enjoyed soaking in the mineral water and steam baths, got massages, went out for leisurely meals, did a little sightseeing, walked.

There are some people who cannot tolerate that much peace. On my day job, it is normal to get calls from the corporate type A people who are all nervous and jerky because their computer is not working right and they are going on vacation today. Or they are at some resort and you can hear from the background noise that they are in a lounge and are frustrated because they cannot get a good connection to the company servers. Or maybe they are going home for the holidays to visit their family, and they are having a problem checking their company email. Of course, you have to wonder how it could possibly be a vacation if you are tethered to the office.

It is not natural to be working all the time. Nature sometimes has to give us a big take 5. We all need times when we are vibrant and outgoing and active. And we also need those other times when we are quiet and relaxed and let a little peaceful time do its refreshing, healing, magic on us.

Nature takes five, and that's our clue to do the same. Just like the energy exercise I suggested yesterday. There is a time to be on and a time to be off. Take five.

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