Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coming into Harmony

Music is one of the fastest ways to bring people together. When we sing together, the harmonies of our voices blend, bringing us into closer vibrations. When we drum together, we are using some of the simplest of instruments to create sympathetic vibrations. When we dance together, we are moving our bodies to rhythms that bring us into a flow with each other.

Each of these methods requires little analysis or discussion, because our bodies and spirits are simply responding to the waves of energy that we are sensing and then helping to enlarge to include other people in with us.

When we make music with other people, we form agreements with them. There is an agreement that we want to sound good together, feel good together, enjoy each other's company, set aside any differences and work together to create something beautiful.

It is a very simple thing to do to make music together. These are very old traditions. Look at old photos and illustrations and notice how many old pictures feature a piano or other instruments in the living room. People used to make music as a way of creating their own entertainment.

Earlier in my life, when I used to play guitar, lots of my friends did too, and many evenings centered around getting together at people's houses to play music together. Later in life I took up drumming and going to drumming circles became a way that we got together to stir up energies, with open circles that anyone could come to.

For part of my life, I used to go dancing a every week, and there were opportunities there to find a great energy boost and forget the cares of the work week for a few hours in the company of a bunch of other smiling faces.

Music is good medicine for the spirit. Use it every chance you get.

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