Monday, October 13, 2008

The Blood Moon

One of the old names for this full moon is the Blood Moon. It has an interesting symbology this year because of the events going one with the financial industry.

The old name came from the fact that this was the time for culling the herds and butchering meat for the winter. It was a time to make sure that you had enough feed for the remaining animals and that you had enough firewood cut to get you through the winter.

It is also hunting season, which is also about bringing home meat for food. Those who planned ahead and worked their plan were the survivors. Our ancestors who learned to hunt, gather, raise food crops and store fruits, vegetables and herbs were the ones who could survive the harshness and scarcities of the cold and dark winters.

In tune with this theme of nature, the people who have not minded their money well have suffered injuries. Those who have reduced their debts and set some money aside are in better shape to survive any difficulties that lay ahead. Those who continue to work hard and keep a sharp eye out for opportunities will be able to provide for themselves, their families and friends.

There has been a bloodbath in the real estate market, the stock market, and other financial companies. Ironic how it fits into the cycle of nature. The blood moon signals the time to cull the herds and utilize all of our strength, wisdom and resources to survive the cold, dark time ahead. If we do so, we will have what we need, and prosper in our next cycles, having learned our lessons and renewed our resolve to do better next time.

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