Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bubble, Bubble, Dreamy & Lovable

Bubbles are the the epitome of ephemeral baubles. That's why a bubble bath feels so luxurious. Clouds that sparkle with light and have no more weight than air, surround us, floating our moods and uplifting them. That's why we like bubbly drinks on special occasions as well. They lift our spirits so that we rise above being tired or stressed and stimulate our senses with each little effervescent pop that calls us to attention.

Stock market bubbles, dot com bubbles, housing bubbles. It looks all sparkly for a little while. They transform our world, the light catching our eye and transfixing our attention, wondering how long each bubble will stay with us. Their reflections hold out hope of some brighter world, where we can just place a bet and if we are right or lucky, we will never have to work again.

These are fascinating bubbles. For a while the world is full of hope, and the most optimistic prices are paid for things. When those bubbles burst, then we come once again face to face with the realization that everything is worth just what we say it is. That is the price until we say it is not the price. What is constant?

We like bubbles. Some people are already scanning the horizon looking for the next bubble, hoping that they can rise to the top of the bubbles while it is still early. One thing we realize though, is that bubbles cannot support a lot of weight. They look pretty, but you cannot construct anything with them. The look beautiful when they are on top and can just be the decoration, but more you depend on them, the more they disappear.

For a brief while, they are beautiful. And then they are gone. The place looks much different then, with just our bodies in the water, in the tub. Still very nice, less sparkly, but comfortable. We are glad to be in the water, glad to be feeling it caressing us, cleansing us, soothing us. Water pleases the senses well too.

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