Saturday, October 18, 2008

Consulting with the Oracles

On a day busy with readings, the energy sustains me in mysterious ways. I have noticed that being absorbed in the process of reading, that hours can go by without thoughts of food or drink. Time itself collapses. There is only a present tense exchange with the people coming to me for readings. And messages come through that I hear myself speaking, but I know I did not think of them.

Sometimes when the cards are turned, a clear signal comes through me that says "here is what this person really wants to know. Look past the cards."

When a person asks about the runes, I place them in their hands. The light dances in their eyes as they look them over and fall into inner space as they try and gather meanings from the abstract symbols, which is just about impossible if you have not studied the signs. When they ask how meanings can arise from such spare symbols, just lines on stones, they look at them again and again to see if there was something they missed the first time.

Mysterious energies are unleashed when the runes are cast or the cards are spread. And it is a pleasure to tap into these energies with those who wish to consult with the oracles.

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