Friday, October 24, 2008

End of the World? No, Thanks

Every so often, people will bring up the subject of 2012 because some people say that is the end of the Mayan Calendar and they believe that some phenomenal change will happen that year because of that fact.

Remember Y2K? In the run up to that New Year at the turn of the millennium, lots of people bought into the notion that computers would not be able to figure out the date change and our entire civilization would come to a screeching halt. Of course that did not happen, did it?

Common sense dictated that there was a problem that needed to be fixed and there were too many people who had a stake in finding a solution to let it all fail. Some people ended up with lots of huge cans of mac and cheese and other goodies that they can be snacking on for a long time.

What about the Mayan Calendar? What if those old stone carvers from so long ago just got tired? What if they figured that all that carving a couple thousand years ahead was a lot of work and that some other stone carvers could continue the work several generations from then?

Yes, I spend absolutely no time worrying about the meaning of the Mayan Calendar. I am planning my life and acting accordingly as if that date will simply come and go, just as Y2K did. A famous radio talk show host who featured a lot of jabber about the great coming Y2K collapse featured lots of advertisers on his show selling survival gear and supplies for the great disaster, like hand cranked radios, night vision goggles, tons of canned goods, all kinds of stuff. He was too embarrassed to continue his radio show after the world failed to end on time. Of course, he and his advertisers must have made quite a tidy sum stoking people's fears.

The popularity of the idea of the Law of Attraction right now certainly would indicate that we need to think positively about our future. If some sort of critical mass of people started really believing that the world would come to an end, no good will come of it.

Interestingly, around the time of the first millennium shift there were also people who thought the world would come to an end because a thousand year span seemed huge to them.

At various times leaders of different religious sects predicted the end of the world. Of course, they had to revise their teachings after those dates came and went.

My strong feeling is that we just have to live our lives in whatever way we feel best, and ignore all prophecies about end times. If we all just do what is best, our lives will be better and longer, and this planet will be a healthier place to be.

Just remember, everything comes from either love or fear. Why waste our time living in fear?

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Anonymous said...

This is an interesting post. I've read where the end of the world was coming, the second coming of Christ, the falsh prophet...
I'm in agreement that in making a choice to live from fear or grace or strength, we or I would chose grace and strength.
On a different note, why would one consider the end of time, or the end of human life. Would it be to find answers to questions that will remain unanswered? Would it be to challenge a belief or prove another inaccurate?
I can only speculate, however my position is one similiar to yours. If I chose to act from intention, I would chose my to come from strength, grace and hope.