Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Soul's Migration

You could describe our journey into sleep every night as our soul's migration into another realm. It journeys into a landscape of a parallel level of time space and brings us back images or vignettes of that journey.

We can see our dream states as a time when other communications come to us, but they could also be when we venture out to them. In other words, do we travel to our dreams or do our dreams travel to us?

Perhaps our journey from this life to an afterlife can also been seen as a migration, when our soul leaves our body and travels from this reality to another one.

We can see our reincarnations as a soul journey from one time to another on this same planet, and there are those who think that perhaps souls migrate between planets.

I can't say for sure how it all works. Probably none of us will know until we make the journey ourselves.

Ancient people used to see signs and divine messages from the migrations of birds and their patterns in flight. Yes, there are the unmistakable weather patterns that they foretell, and perhaps the ancients were right. Perhaps there is more.

The birds may be a reflection of our own journeys through life, the difference being that our flights are unlimited.

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