Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gateways to Communication

One of the things that people new to the study of Tarot have the most difficulty understanding is that although the designers of the cards had meanings in mind when they drew the pictures, that each person who looks at them will get different messages from them.

That is why in readings, you can pull the same card for two different people and two different questions and get two different meanings. If you are open to communication from spirit, higher consciousness, or whatever you prefer to call it, messages will come through for the person requesting the reading.

Clients not familiar with Tarot are sometimes shocked when I tell them something and they immediately want to know what card said that. They are in total confusion when I sometimes tell them that none of the cards gave me a specific bit of information.

Think of the cards as your own personal art gallery or museum that you carry around with you. Similar to what happens to you in a gallery or museum, there are some pictures that you find fascinating and spend lots of time looking at, and others that you do not like to look at. So, some pictures have more to say to you, for any number of reasons.

Not so long ago, people had fewer choices of Tarot designs to choose from. Now there are hundreds or thousands. It is important that you choose one that you really enjoy working with, because then your psychic gateways will open more easily and fully.

When I bought my first deck there was no book to go with it, so I had to learn simply by studying the images and gleaning my own meanings from them. This was beneficial. I advise all new students to do the same. After you have been doing this for a while.then read the book, or other books about Tarot, you will find that some of what you think is the same as what others have written and some of what you came up with is different. Symbols do have meanings and designers always work in those that they like and find powerful. There are also simple straight forward reasons for choices such as a preference for color combinations or styles of art.

What is important is that this method of self teaching will help you become more confident and more comfortable working with the cards. There is no substitute for time and practice. After doing a great many readings, you will find that certain cards will always come up in certain contexts, or that certain meanings really work with certain images. After a great deal of practice, you will find that as soon as you shuffle and begin looking at a layout, the images start to speak to you.

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